On the Subject of Apologies and Announcements: An Apology and an Announcement

Posted: September 28, 2011 in Shanghai-ed!
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Uh... I guess I've also been boning about in the park.

First allow me to apologize to my readers for taking a little bit longer than usual between posts. As I mentioned in the last entry I have recently moved shop back to Shanghai, and it’s taken me just a bit of time to get my act together enough to pay much attention to GMYS. Aside from the busy-work, errand-running, and mad, last-minute fundraising inherent in moving to the other side of the planet without having planned anything ahead of time, I should like to point out that China’s reputation as a strangler of the internet is not one that was simply given to the glorious nation. Nay, it is one earned with sweat and tears. Now, some of you may be saying to yourselves, “What’s this crook going on about? WordPress isn’t banned in China!” Well, you know what? When I’m Chancellor you’ll be the first to disappear. For now, I concede the point. However, my dependence on Google and Facebook are weaknesses here which have made my online escapades slow and frustrating ones. My internet time thus far has mostly been spent researching and selecting a VPN service, and waiting for gmail to load. SO, having taken care of these things as well as many of my various offline tasks, I return to service with a renewed vigor for blogging, an increased zest for life, a few stories up my sleeve, seven less pounds of bodyweight (FML), and my sincerest regrets at having failed to meet my goal of publishing a minimum one (1) post per week. I know I’m only two days over, but failure is failure, and failure is disappointing. And Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg does not like to be disappointed.

Second, my announcement for all subscribers. Oh yes, I have exciting news for you glorious handful, you chosen few, you. My friend Ezekiel and I are combining forces to create an outlet with more diverse content, greater swag, less respect for the Powers that Be, better formatting, and, dare I say it, a more charming layout than ever before: The Gristlehedge Underground Press! We’re keeping this rather close to the chest while the situation develops, but rest assured that I will inform all of you when the process is complete, and provide a link so that you can head on over and subscribe. I will also provide links, from that blog, to all of my entries here at GIVE ME YOUR SHOES so that you can easily access all of it’s fascinating content without having to keep tabs on what will soon be a dead blog. (Alas, it went before its time and will be remembered fondly, and its debts passed on to its estranged children).


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