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Dear Loyal Subscribers,

The time has come at long last! This blog came but to prepare the way, and I’ll be darned if GIVE ME YOUR SHOES didn’t do just that. It was an excellent chance for me to stretch my fingers and get to know the wordpress software, and it provided me with an excellent outlet while I waited for the new blog to develop. This blog has baptized you with water, but the blog to come will baptize you with ghosts!! This blog is not even fit even fit to tie that other one’s shoes. Yes, it’s that¬†promising. The url is here:


If you wish to continue receiving updates from China or read any other sort of article I’m likely to write, you’ll need to head over to the new site right away and subscribe there. I repeat, new articles will no longer be published on this blog. This blog is finished! Done! Kaput! Pushing daisies! Gone but not forgotten! Weep not, though, for with the death of one blog comes the birth of another. And this blog? Well, it’s got multiple¬†authors. Yeah, so if you find yourself groaning every time I release another¬†political piece, you can comfort yourself with the increased spectrum of content the new blog has to offer. I’ll tell you more, but you can explore the categories yourself when you go the new site right away to sign up!

Disclaimer: I’m jumping the gun a little bit here. The Gristlehedge Underground Press is functional, but still undergoing construction. I just didn’t like jumping back and forth between the two, (setting up the one, going to write for the other). Now I can get my work done all on the same blog. It’s good.

Thank you all for joining my blog, sorry to make you switch over already. We’ve put a lot more thought into this new one and incorporated more writers. I hope you appreciate the changes, and I’ll see you over there!

-Trevor Smith

P.S. One more time:


One Two Three Four

This is how it is done.

Okay, did it work?